Follow Your Inner Compass

Hey Trailblazer
Starting a New Year can feel daunting.
There are so many messages about taking your life or business to the next level,
of doing more or hustling more… to get more.
What if ‘leveling up’  is all hype?
What if what you really need is to slow down so you can be more focused?
What if what you need is to be more intentional with your time?
Clearer about how you’re living and showing up in the world?
It’s possible to consolidate your energy and put your attention and action towards the activities
that will lead you to the outcomes you desire –
without feeling like you’re trying to get on top of things all the time.
Yes – there are times to be fully in action mode…
AND there are times to plan and reflect so you can chart your course,
aided by your own inner compass.
Put simply… get really clear on who you are, on what you have to offer,
on how you want to live, and where you are headed with your life or business.
Then spend your time and energy doing what is relevant to that.
Find your flow… then Go Claim It!
– xo Jan and Erin

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