Work For It

Hey Trailblazer
Have you ever stood in awe of someone experiencing a BIG success?
Did you pause and wonder how they did it?
Our interconnected world gives us the ability to peer into others’ lives.
We see the flash. We see the surface of things. We see the ‘wow’ factors.
What we don’t see is the back story.
We don’t know the kinds of sacrifices or effort it took to reach the pinnacles.
We haven’t seen the sleepless nights or weeks, months or years to build the dream.
Success doesn’t come overnight.
One day at a time is all anyone gets.
So each day, do what you can do.
Put your time and talent to work for what matters to you.
Celebrate the grit and energy it requires from you.
Rise up and see how strong you are
And most of all don’t be afraid to really work for it.
Work hard… and Go Claim It!
–  xo Jan and Erin
Your Two Prairie Girls
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