You might be a TrailBlazer but you don’t know it yet!


Have you got a burning desire to MAKE, DISCOVER or DO something different… to turn ‘it’ into your personal brand or a business – but you don’t know how to do that or where to start? 

If you can relate, pay close attention to what we’re offering…

We are offering a module from our online course “Go Claim It Trailblazer” absolutely FREE for a limited time. Discover and Own Your Trailblazer Traits is a fun, interactive mini course that can be done in only 45 minutes and offers BIG impact!

And Trailblazer’s need a starting place. We’ve got it!

Becoming a 
Trailblazer starts with identifying your two main Trailblazer Traits. Why?

Because your Trailblazer Traits are your internal guidance 
system – the compass that will point you in the right direction for you…

So you can go where you’ve never been before!

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Trailblazer’s are enterprising women with the passion to make, discover or do something different or original, something that’s never been done before.

This Mini Online Course is for you if:

⇒You’re an enterprising woman who’s ready to explore new possibilities
⇒You’re looking for a starting place for some new ideas
⇒You’re ready to feel empowered from a new self-awareness
⇒You’re passionate and open to personal growth
⇒You understand the value of knowing yourself to make decisions that line up with your core values and strengths 

What You’ll Learn: 

⇒What is a Trailblazer
⇒How you become a Trailblazer
⇒The 6 Trailblazer Traits
⇒Discovering your two Trailblazer Traits
⇒The special qualities of each Trait
What to do with your new knowledge…

Your Instructors

Jan and Erin Johnson are a mother and daughter team, two-time authors of The Field Guide for Trailblazing Women & The Createbook Process, business coaches, motivational speakers, inventors of Createbooking (an idea growing strategy), founders of Prairie Girl Outpost and Prairie Girl Classroom, and co-creators of Trailblazer on Fire (an international woman’s leadership program). Facilitators of change through numerous creative, skills development and self-discovery events and workshops, Jan & Erin have also delivered ground breaking workshops in collaboration with other trailblazing women.