Go Claim It TrailBlazer is an online course for enterprising women who want to build a unique brand or business around their natural talents, knowledge and experience. Class starts as soon as you register!

In Go Claim It Trailblazer You’ll…

Explore Yourself
You’re going to see a bigger picture of who you are and what makes you different… and significantly increase your feelings of competence

Empower Yourself
You’ll build a custom roadmap to lay out your vision and define your BIG Idea… that alone will boost your confidence tenfold

Equip Yourself
You’ll learn Createbooking, our idea development tool… so you can develop, package, and prepare to launch your BIG Idea

This course will help you develop your Big Idea, you know the one – the idea that’s been waiting for the right time to come to life. Believe us – now is the time, and the world needs what you uniquely have to offer.

What makes Go Claim It Trailblazer totally different from other online courses is our proven, integrated approach to developing your meaningful business idea, vision and roadmap – all into ONE PLAN.

We know life is busy which is why you have access to the full course content upon registration. Go through it at your own pace – over the course of a couple months, or hunker down and dive right in over a weekend.


Imagine feeling the clarity and fire in your belly that comes from being able to genuinely express yourself and share your knowledge and skills in a way that has a  lasting impact. Imagine running a SUCCESSFUL business where you feel complete fulfillment and being on purpose everyday.

Go Claim It Trailblazer is an online 12 module personal & business development course that will take you from not knowing how to bring your natural talents, knowledge and experience (from life and work) together, to creating a purposeful, relevant business or brand idea that stands out in the marketplace.

As a Go Claim It Trailblazer member you’ll learn:

Why NOW is the most opportune time ever to stand up and stand out in the marketplace
How to assess and value what makes you unique and shape that into a life vision with new possibilities
How to look to the marketplace with a fresh perspective to identify where you can provide a solution
How to design and name your unique Big Idea
Our signature idea development tool that will keep you on track as you grow your business forward

Go Claim It Trailblazer is for YOU if:

You’ve had alot of life experience and unique knowledge and have been obsessed for a long time about how you can pull it all together
You need help sorting out your ideas… a strong vision and roadmap would help you ALOT!
You want to distinguish yourself in the marketplace but don’t know how
You want the freedom and flexibility of being an entrepreneur with no cap on your income
You’ve been persistent and resilient in searching for the right path and you’re ready to make some committed decisions
You would love to feel the support of other women who are also pioneering their own path

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

– Howard Thurman

Are you like us?

You’ve got specialized knowledge sitting inside of you that you’ve developed over a period of time. This knowledge has shaped a unique message you want to share and it creates a vision in your mind that you deeply want to bring to life.

You have a deep knowing inside of you that you don’t often share but on the inside you are truly inspired and driven and you KNOW that you could make a true impact in the world.

You know you’re meant for something BIGGER and you really want to focus on doing meaningful work, not the trivial ‘busy’ work that often seeps it’s way into your life.

You love learning. You’re self-directed in your learning and are ready to move from ‘just growing yourself’ to contributing to others what you’ve learned over time.

You are reflective, you look for meaning in your experiences. You are connected to something bigger than yourself.


From the core of our being – we understand you, we hear you, we see you because we were right where you are now.

After years of helping trailblazing woman claim a purposeful life and business, we’ve created a strategy that combines your unique skills, traits, passions, natural talents and experiences into your own ‘Big Idea’ – an idea you can package and provide to a select customer – delivered through a business YOU love.

Here’s what you’ll get from the course

Claim yourself as a TrailBlazer in today’s Idea Economy
Focus on the 6 core skills every trailblazing woman needs
Discover and own your 2 leading Trailblazer Traits
Pinpoint the specifics of what makes you unique
Create a meaningful, passionate life vision
Unearth new possibilities for your life & livelihood
Develop an actionable roadmap and learning plan
Design and name your unique Big Idea
Determine how to package and provide your Big Idea to the right customer
Expand & bring your Idea to life with The Createbook Process (our signature tool)
…while you grow and flourish within an exclusive online community of like-minded women

Trailblazer – it’s your time. Register today and get started here.

From our Community

“Createbooking has been a powerful tool to my personal and professional discovery…  a platform for unconventional women like myself and like you, to claim your personal power and move forward in your life by creating something gutsy and truly remarkable! Do not hesitate, its time to let the world know you’re here and have something amazing to offer. Createbooking is one of the best ways I have found to do that!”

-Meagan Saum


I’ve taken other programs before, and felt something was missing – why should I consider Go Claim It Trailblazer?
We hear you! It’s never easy to tell if the content and value from a course will be a fit for you. Here’s what we can tell you – we have tested the tools and strategies ourselves over the last 8 years and we’ve also provided them to other women entrepreneurs through facebook groups, 1:1 coaching, and in live workshops… and we have seen awesome results over and over again. Women’s lives and businesses moved forward in ways they didn’t know were possible! We believe you could experience this yourself.
How do I know if this is for me?
The fact that you’re looking through this material tells us that you’re looking for a solution for yourself. We know what that’s like… and without a doubt, if you’re willing to do the work… because creating a business or brand is work… you will see yourself in a whole new light and what could be possible for you, because this course is all about creating your own custom roadmap. If you truly want to pioneer your own path into the future, this is where to start. 
How interactive is the course?
The course is delivered through video and PDF handouts through 12 jam packed modules!  As well, we have a private Facebook group where you can discuss your ideas, get support, and share your successes and challenges, in a closed group setting. This is where we add updated content and resources and you will always have access to this and the course materials. 
When does it start and how do I sign up?
You gain access to the full course content as soon as you register. To sign up simply click HERE.
How do I know for sure that I will find success with this course?
We can’t promise what your results will be at course completion because a lot of your success will be dependent on how committed you are to following through with the strategies and tools we provide. What we can say is this – we will present you with ideas that can help you see yourself in a whole new way – an expanded version of you – and if you’re passionate about moving yourself forward – you will!
What is your refund policy?
If you complete the first six modules of the course and you are completely unhappy with it, send us a ‘refund me’  email along with pics of your completed PDF homework assignments from the 6 modules, and we’ll happily refund your money.

This course will help you develop your Big Idea, you know the one – the idea that’s been waiting for the right time to come to life!