Listen to Your Intuition

Hey Trailblazer
Do you trust yourself first before you listen to others?
Do you listen inward first before seeking advice?
Our daily lives are filled with instructional messages from others –
social media, friends, family, influencers, ads… you name it.
This world is constantly trying to shape, mold, inform and define us.
Some of it is really useful. Some isn’t.
Some just takes our power away.
Over time we can become immobilized thinking we’re not enough
or we don’t know enough to make decisions or plans for ourselves.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
You have your own internal guidance system. Your intuition.
It has a language that is grounded in feeling, hunches and sudden insight.
It has a knowing that requires turning inward to hear and understand.
Your intuition doesn’t compete with the noise of the world.
It is only in service to you. It advises what is best for you.
Listen to your intuition… then Go Claim what it is leading you to.
– xo Jan and Erin
Your Two Prairie Girls
Girl. Got. Grit.
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