Back to Basics

If you’ve been following us lately, you’ve probably noticed a significant shift in our business. For many years we’ve been focused on helping women develop themselves and their businesses through one-on-one and group coaching, as well as creating some unique workshops and courses, (along with the supporting materials and books that went with them.) We’ve always been deeply passionate about the gals we’ve worked with, and we still are. We love seeing women grow and succeed! At the same time, because we both possess minds that are constantly looking to the horizon for the next thing we can innovate… we’ve decided to spend some time channeling our creative energy.

We have always, and still are, on the hunt for the next thing we can bring to life. We love the thrill of pushing ourselves into new territory. Whatever shape our business partnership has taken through our now 20 years together, in the background of our lives, we have continually created. Paint, chalk paint, raw canvas, fabric, ink, and most recently – leather. To answer our insatiable quest to create something unique we have decided to commit ourselves to really exploring where we can go with this. 

For the past three months we have been working, or should we say ‘playing’ with leather – painting it, stamping it, cutting it into distinct shapes, adding beads, snaps, rivets and pendants – generally seeing how we like working with it. It has been such an awesome time! And during this time we also taught 9 separate workshops on how-to paint your own leather cuff at different locations throughout Alberta. You could say we dove in with both feet. We loved the results and we will continue to experiment with finding a ‘look’ that completely represents our ‘prairie girl’ brand. But there’s more to this journey…

Our overall vision right now is to carry a line of signature products inspired by the early pioneering days here on the prairies – Prairie Girl Essentials. We want to have functional, practical home décor, paper goods, accessories, prairie girl gear… and much more, that reflects an attitude reminiscent of the early days here on the prairies. Our aim is to have Goods that are beautiful, useful and unique – products that have a nostalgic look and feel to them – goods that makes you stop, smile and appreciate their simplicity and quality.

Somewhere deep in our bones there is a longing to return to a simpler, more sustainable way of living. We want to feel more alive doing things that matter to us, rather than being on ‘go’ most of the time. We are hard-working gals and can really get sh*t done… but we have determined that our lives need more back-to-basics, wholesome activities built into them. 

So this is where we are right now. Behind the scenes we are scouting products that speak to us – as we continue sharing our creative ideas with you through DIY workshops. In doing so we hope to inspire you to find your own simpler way of living. 

Live wholeheartedly. Live prairie.

– Jan and Erin

Two prairie girls

‘Create’ Space

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