It’s Time For You To Go Claim It!

Entrepreneurship today is about pioneering your own path. We help creative, independent women claim a space in the marketplace that is uniquely yours… this is where we excel.

Our specialty is ensuring that you have the clarity and connectedness throughout your brand and your business that represents the real YOU! We’ve been doing this for 20 years!

To ‘make it’ in business these days means being unique and letting your clients know how they can truly benefit from doing business with you, so they’ll buy from you and stay with you.

The challenge with an ever-changing marketplace and economy is that businesses must be constantly adapting and shaping their offerings to meet the needs of their unique clients. And here’s where things can go sideways…

Continually adding new types of products and services – to find something that really sticks – can make it look like your business has no core focus, especially if you aren’t able to connect them to your overall vision. This makes it difficult for your customers to see you as a solution to a need or problem they have.

Some entrepreneurs don’t know who their true client is. Do you know who the perfect match is for what you are uniquely providing?

When it’s time for a change or new direction it can feel daunting to figure out what that is. Are you currently frustrated, struggling or stuck with what you want to offer through your business… like you’re ready to hone in on a BIG idea that reflects your knowledge, experience and talents… yet you don’t know how to figure out what that is?

We’ve experienced all of the above and seen all of the above in our client interactions over the years. It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you’re working on the wrong thing for you and your biz.

We’d like to help you with that… so you can stop wasting time, energy and money on the things that aren’t the right fit for you.

Perhaps you need a business boost! We are launching Go Claim It Trailblazer – our new online course for trailblazing women.

Go Claim It Trailblazer will help you focus and develop your BIG Idea – your unique way to help your customers that goes beyond the standard services/products/experiences in the marketplace. You’ll discover your niche customer, the right customer for your specialized solution (which is based on your years of experience/knowledge/talents) and package this solution as a streamlined strategy, product, or unique experience that will be transformative for your customers.

It’s time to find the fulfillment and sustainable success in your business Trailblazer!

Go Claim It TrailBlazer is the most transformative action you can take towards creating a business and a life you love. WE hope you’ll say YES to getting your business truly lined up.

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Live Wholeheartedly. Live Prairie.

– Jan and Erin
Two Prairie Girls

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