Ready Yourself for the Journey

Hey Trailblazer
Have you ever thought of your life as a series of journeys?
Where in each one you were shaped by things you had no control over.
That everything and everyone served you in some way.
That you were on a growth path. And that you still are…
In reality – this is how you became YOU!
And it was you who took the steps. It was you who fell and got back up.
It was you who did the work. It was you who went the distance.
You armed yourself with your strengths, your weaknesses…
your dreams, your hopes, your fears…
you carried these parts with you. These parts are yours. You still have them!
These parts have made you who YOU are.
Celebrate that you made it here.
Remember this is YOUR life to plan. You get to choose what you focus on next.
Ready yourself for your next journey… then Go Claim It!
xo Jan and Erin
Your Two Prairie Girls
It’s Time For You To Go Claim It!
Focus In

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