Coming Home

Hello again or hello for the first time. We’ve been pretty low key for most of this year (did you notice?) and for good reason!  Erin and her hubby/partner, Jean, became parents to little Luca who arrived on February 14th.  Luca has changed all of our lives forever in the best of ways! You might also have noticed that we’ve just done a major overhaul on our website – Prairie Girl Outpost – to better reflect some of our deeper interests. Over this past year we really took a look at how our lives and our business were lining up. We found we were feeling out-of-sorts with the direction we were heading in. The beauty of our creativity and curiosity is that it often takes us into new territory, however, not every path we step onto is a lasting one. So we did some good old truth-telling with ourselves and are pivoting our biz. 

One of the truths we defined is this – our lives have been greatly influenced by the legacy left by early prairie women… creative, resilient, hard-working women whose lives were simple and wholesome as they pioneered a path to their dreams. Standing back and looking at how we live and what we place importance on, we realized just how deeply these same values are embedded within us. Pioneering prairie women exemplified grit and a ‘can-do’ work ethic that has inspired us in so many ways. And they somehow made peace with an unpredictable, ever-changing prairie lifestyle as they staked a claim to their own place in the world.   

So, we’ve given ourselves the freedom to show up differently – and that my friends is liberating! We’ll continue to evolve here at the Outpost and we hope you’ll stay with us. What you’ll see is our prairie life and how we experience it, and we invite you to share in it and to claim something prairie for yourself. 

Live wholeheartedly. Live prairie. 

– Jan and Erin

Two prairie girls

Open Roads

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