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Last week we had the awesome opportunity to attend the 2019 Rural Women in Business Conference held in Crossfield, AB, put on by the Crossfield Chamber of Commerce. For those of you who have never heard of it, Crossfield is a small town just outside of Calgary with a population of just over 2900. This was the 3rd year the conference was held and it was our 3rd year attending! Why? Because we love it!!

This small town offering has a big impact and is fast becoming a showcase event for nearby enterprising women. Here’s 3 reasons why we believe that:

1)We’ve both attended jazzed up, music pumping, hundreds in attendance BIG city conferences… and yes the excitement is contagious and invigorating. But do you know what’s cool about a smaller 150 woman gathering… you can start the day with a coffee and snack, sit at a round table and actually talk and genuinely connect with other entrepreneurial women. The give and take is genuine and it feels good!

2) There are so many women situated right here in our surrounding communities who really have powerful messages and ideas to share. They may not be big stage presenters YET, however they show up with tangible ideas and workable strategies that are bringing results to their clients and we get to access their wisdom and solutions with one-to-one questions and answers. How beneficial is that?? Valuable we’d say!

3)And lastly… the conference organizers take the feedback and suggestions from attendees to heart to make the next year’s event reflective of the needs and requests of the women in attendance. They know that this conference greatly benefits the rural women who come from far and wide to gather and learn together. Their intention is to up-level the conference year after year. It’s progressive and tuned in!!

So if you’ve never been to this women’s business conference or you want to plan ahead – the conference date for next year is May 27, 2020. Come on down to Crossfield! We would love to meet you and break bread over some deep dive conversation. Hope to see you there!!!


Live Wholeheartedly. Live Prairie.

– Jan and Erin

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