Open Roads

It’s hard to imagine a life that doesn’t include a little wandering or some road trips every now and then. We love getting behind the wheel and heading off to scheduled out-of-town get-togethers or plain old impromptu road trips. It’s a way to explore and often to clear our heads of a number of things… over thinking, too many things going on, cabin fever… you name it. Hitting the road for a drive puts us in touch with new scenery, beautiful fields, funky little coffee shops or ice cream drive-throughs… new things that snap our attention to the present moment to reset our focus.

There’s something so simple about a back road drive that feeds our psyches. Singing full-on to songs we love and car dancing, with awkward hand movements, are fun ways to feel light-hearted and energetic. Pulling over to snap a pic of a scene we want to remember and then pulling out some hastily made picnic food is good for our souls. 

One of the best things about road trips is the connection we feel with each other. When we are sitting two feet apart, talking and getting in sync on different subjects is easier – the distractions are minimal and there’s no leaving the room to go do something else. The shared experiences that happen when we travel builds a memory library of good times – well mostly good times – sometimes Alberta roads are crap and those aren’t fun trips. But you get it… having excursions together is a shared thing and it continues to build our connection as mother and daughter, and good friends, over the long term.

So we’re wondering when was the last time you went wandering – took a little trip just simply for the heck of it… going nowhere in particular? Or planned a trip that had a clear destination to new place? Leaving familiar surroundings and putting oneself in places that are new is such a wonderful way to have fresh thoughts and insights. We totally encourage you to do it and do it often because it’s that good for you!!

Live wholeheartedly. Live prairie.

– Jan and Erin

Two prairie girls

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